Kisenosato Takes Down Hakuho! Big Day Tomorrow!

Thank you Kisenosato! He keeps himself alive with his last second shove. As the superzuna was forcing him off the dohyo, Kisenosato pushed Hakuho down. Hakuho’s shoulder clearly touched the ground before Kisenosato. I should have rolled this graphic out yesterday but I thought Hak had it in the bag.

Kisenosato vs Hakuho
Kisenosato vs Hakuho

With Kaisei’s loss to Tochinoshin, Hakuho is tied with Terunofuji. Terunofuji faces Aoiyama tomorrow. Hakuho faces Harumafuji. If both leaders win, they will have a playoff. If both lose, there will be a bigger playoff between Hakuho, Terunofuji, Harumafuji, and potentially Kisenosato, Takayasu, Kaisei, Ikioi & Yoshikaze. While possible, it’s certainly a pipe-dream.

Hakuho is the odds-on favorite against Harumafuji. While always an exciting match, Hakuho has one their last five head-to-head. Terunofuji is undefeated against Aoiyama and against most opponents this tournament he’s been plainly overpowering them. So, most likely we’ll have an exciting playoff between Hakuho and Terunofuji for the yusho. Slightly less likely, one will lose so the other will win the title outright. Ozeki promotion still seems in the cards if Terunofuji wins tomorrow – even with only 12 wins.

As for other matches, Goeido is out with the aggravated shoulder injury he suffered against Hakuho. Kotoshogiku got his eighth loss and is kadoban. This could be very interesting to have an outgoing ozeki and an incoming ozeki at the same tournament. If Terunofuji wins and is promoted, and with Myogiryu also going makekoshi, there may be room in the sanyaku for Tochinoshin and Takarafuji. I think they might have to have at least three komusubi next time around if both Maegashira have 9 wins and Ichinojo and Tochiozan get their kachi-koshi tomorrow.

Right now, I’m calling the yusho for Ikioi!


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