Match of the Tournament (May 2015): Hakuho/Aminishiki, Day 5

In my mind, the match of the tournament came down to two choices: Harumafuji vs Hakuho on Day 15 or Hakuho vs Aminishiki on Day 5. I chose Hakuho vs Aminishiki.

Obviously, this prize, Match of the Tournament from the Tachiai Blog is the most prestigious consolation prize in the sport of sumo. The tournament may not have gone their way but for about 30 seconds Hakuho and Aminishiki thrilled us with their wile and guile. I don’t remember seeing Hakuho get spun around and I’m sure it’s never happened twice like this. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my choice. If you disagree and want to offer your own nominee, please post it in the comments. A big thank you to Jason for the Youtube link. Enjoy.

This post is the day after, “crap, I have to wait till July” post of despair…


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