Wakaichro Competes Day 7

Wakaichiro nagoya Day 1

Texas sumotori Wakaichiro will be back on the Nagoya dohyo before noon on Saturday. He will be facing off against Sadogatake heya’s Kotorikuzan. Kotorikuzan has been in sumo since 2009, and is another Sandanme mainstay (37 tournaments). Wakaichiro is finding that the competition in Sandanme to be significantly harder than even the top end of Jonidan, and he will be working hard for every win. Both rikishi come into Saturday’s match with a 1-2 record.

As always we will bring you results as soon as we know them, and if we get luck and someone posts video, we will share that as well. Thus far video of Wakaichiro’s Nagoya matches has been hard to come by.

Go Texas Sumo!

Wakaichiro Loses Day 3

Wakaichiro Nagoya Day 3

In action early Tuesday in Nagoya, Wakaichiro lost his second match of the tournament. He continues to display good form, but veteran Dewaazuma was able to get Wakaichiro off balance and finish him with a hatakikomi. With the loss, Wakaichiro drops to 1-1 after 2 matches.

We do not yet have video, but will share it as soon as it appears. We expect him to return to action day 5 or 6.

Wakaichiro Returns Day 3

Wakaichiro Nagoya

Wakaichiro faces his second opponent of the Nagoya basho on Tuesday (day 3), Sandanme 92 West Dewaazuma from Dewanoumi Heya. Dewaazuma has been competing in Sandanme for the past several years, and brings a catalog of experience to the dohyo. This will be an excellent test match for Wakaichiro, as we can consider Dewaazuma a Sandanme mainstay. Both men have 1-0 record.

As always, we will bring results as soon as we know them, and video as soon as we can find it.

Video of Wakaichiro’s Day 1 Win

One of the highlights for early action on day 1 was Wakaichiro’s rematch against Kotosato. The two had faced off in the upper ranks of Jonidan in May, and now met again in Sandanme. In the prior match, Kotosato overpowered Wakaichiro, got inside from the tachiai and drove Wakaichiro out.

This time, in spite of another high tachiai, Wakaichiro prevailed. Kotosato pressed forward strongly from the start, and had Wakaichiro facing outside with his toes near the tawara. That could have been a fast loss for the Musashigawa rikishi, but he rallied and rolled left, neatly reversing and putting Kotosato’s heels on the bales.

I think this match is important in that it shows a new level of sumo skill for Wakaichiro, and he marks a victory over an opponent to dispatched him rather quickly last time

Wakaichiro Loses Final Match

Finishes Natsu With Kachi-Koshi

In the morning bouts of day 14, Texan sumotori Wakaichiro went up against Asanotosa, a much larger and more experienced rikishi. The bout was quick, energetic and unsuccessful for Wakaichiro. He finishes the Natsu basho with a 4-3 record, which may either place him at the top of Jonidan or the bottom of Sandanme.

Wakaichiro has shown steady progress improving his body, and his sumo. His fans around the world and the team at Tachiai look forward to his matches in July, when the Nagoya basho will be in full swing in the heat of the Japanese summer.

Congratulations to Wakaichiro for a successful Natsu!