Kyushu 2019, Days 10-11, Bouts From The Lower Divisions

Here we are, approaching the last “act” of the basho. First, we’ll look at the closing day of the second “act”, and then we’ll switch over to day 11, to see some of the yusho developments.

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Kyushu 2019, Days 4-5, Bouts From The Lower Divisions

Sorry for letting life take me away from entertaining (or boring) you with bouts from the lower divisions. I’ll try to catch up over the weekend. And to do that, let’s start with a collection from days 4 and 5.

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Wakaichiro’s First Match – Day 2


Tachiai favorite Wakaichiro returns to action for his first match of the Kyushu basho on Monday, Japan time. He is facing fellow Sandanme 85, Kotomyozan, from Sadogatake heya. Kotomyozan is a veteran of sumo, starting in 2006 at the age of only 15. He has been up and down the banzuke, never higher than Sandanme. He had a period in 2014 where he dropped out of sumo completely, and had to re-start from the beginning.

This will be a great match for Wakaichiro, as Kotomyozan is representative of the kind of rikishi he will face in his effort to climb through Sandanme.

As always we will bring you coverage as soon as we learn details.