Mitakeumi Donates Prize Money To Typhoon Victims

As Herouth noted below, Mitakeumi donated prize money from the last tournament to victims of the devastating typhoon which hit central Japan earlier this month.

Photo Courtesy Rob Donner

The latest figures put the death toll above 80 people with a further 400 injured, of which three died in Nagano and 110 more were injured there.

Unfortunately, another typhoon is setting up to hit Japan again. This article from the Washington Post cites the more mountainous regions as being likely to pick up more rainfall, particularly the Akaishi and Kiso mountains, which are partially in Nagano. Nagano’s mountains are a popular ski destination in the Winter, and hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics. This terrain catches the moisture and many people are injured or killed during rock and mudslides.

Aki 2019 Jungyo report – Day 8

No question about it – today’s local boy is Ryuden

We have a short, goofless report for you today. By this time, Typhoon #19 wraps its rolling arms around the Japanese main island of Honshu, and heavy rain falls on the Tokai and Kanto regions, where the Jungyo takes place.

A Jungyo event has not been canceled because of weather conditions since the Jungyo has gone indoor in the ’90s. And the NSK bravely tries to keep it that way, bringing its caravan of buses to Yamanashi prefecture, where some of the heaviest rains are predicted.

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