Mitakeumi Donates Prize Money To Typhoon Victims

As Herouth noted below, Mitakeumi donated prize money from the last tournament to victims of the devastating typhoon which hit central Japan earlier this month.

Photo Courtesy Rob Donner

The latest figures put the death toll above 80 people with a further 400 injured, of which three died in Nagano and 110 more were injured there.

Unfortunately, another typhoon is setting up to hit Japan again. This article from the Washington Post cites the more mountainous regions as being likely to pick up more rainfall, particularly the Akaishi and Kiso mountains, which are partially in Nagano. Nagano’s mountains are a popular ski destination in the Winter, and hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics. This terrain catches the moisture and many people are injured or killed during rock and mudslides.

5 thoughts on “Mitakeumi Donates Prize Money To Typhoon Victims

  1. Love your reports! This is such unprecedented event! I am touched by Mitakeumi’s heart. What an unselfish and lovely person! Thank you for sharing such an unselfish gesture! Prayers for those affected! 🇯🇵

  2. In case you had trouble reading the linked article:

    “The second champion sumo wrestler Ontake water in which I won the victory at Akiba promised a repayment to home town Nagano-ken which suffered enormous damage by number 19 of typhoon.

    Chikuma-gawa is flooded with the said prefecture and I say that an acquaintance suffered, too. The cash prize of the outstanding performance award won at Akiba arranged 500 milliliters of 2000 bottles of drinking water already by the policy assigned to support. A possibility of the champion sumo wrestler promotion seems to surface depending on results of Kyushu place. “As you’re supporting, for, it’s bad. When there is something lacking, I want you to tell me. I’d like to show the form that I win above all.” and, expectation was driven.”

    Thanks, Excite Translator!

    (I think one of his friends was affected by the disaster, his special prize $ donated 2000 bottles of water, and he could make Ozeki if Kyushu goes well).

  3. i know there are many sumo with big hearts, but i love hearing about what they do behind the scenes. Mitakeumi – thank u for your heartfelt generosity ….


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