Wakaichiro Loses Day 4

Wakaichiro Day 4 Aki 2018

Aki day 4 action, just prior to noon in Tokyo, Texas sumotori Wakaichiro faced off against his old nemesis Kaiseijo. With the vast number of rikishi in Jonidan and Sandanme, most will not face each other more than once or twice. For Wakaichiro and Kaiseijo, this was their 3 meeting. Sadly for Wakaichiro, Kaiseijo was able to extend his record to 3-0, dropping Wakaichiro to 0-2 for the start of Aki.

We expect him back on the dohyo on day 6 try work to improve his record. Until then we encourage him to focus on his next match, and keep moving forward.

Wakaichiro Competes Day 4


After a tough day 2 match, Wakaichiro competes again on day 4, looking to improve his 0-1 start to the Aki basho. His opponent for day 4 is an interesting choice, none other than his old nemesis Kaiseijo. They have faced off twice before, with both matches going to Kaiseijo. For a refresher, Kaiseijo has been in professional sumo since 2014, and has bounced between Sandanme and Jonidan ever since. Wakaichiro last fought him at Osaka this year, losing by yoritaoshi.

It will be fascinating to see how Wakaichiro handles this match, which will be ¾ mental at this point. As always we will bring you video and results as soon as we can.

Wakaichiro Loses Day 5 Match

In day 5 action, Wakaichiro lost his match to Kaiseijo. The bout got off to a fast start, with Kaiseijo driving hard to move inside against Wakaichiro’s somewhat high tachiai. In the oshi-fest that followed, Wakaichiro got turned around, and Kaiseijo moved him out. Kaiseijo did a good job, and kept his hips low, constantly moving forward.

This was a rematch between the two young rikishi, and I am sure it bothers Wakaichiro that his record against Kaiseijo is now 0-2. With the loss, Wakaichiro goes to a respectable 2-1 for Haru. His next match is not yet published on the fight schedule.

Wakaichiro Returns To Action Day 5

Wakaichiro Tachiai

The day 5 torikumi features the third bout for Texas sumotori Wakaichiro. Coming in with a 2-0 record, he is still working through Sandanme’s “winner’s bracket”, where rikishi with 2-0 records face off. Today’s opponent is Sandanme 90 Kaiseijo, from Asakayama heya, whose head is the former great Ozeki Kaiō.

Kaiseijo is fighting at his highest ever rank, having been in sumo since March 2014. He has bounced between Jonidan and Sandanme, generally scoring a 3-4 / 4-3 record in most tournaments. He is the same height as Wakaichiro, but 30 kg lighter. Interesting note, these two have faced once before, with Kaiseijo taking their prior match in Kyushu, which Kaiseijo won via tsukiotoshi thrust down. So this one is a rematch, Wakaichiro fans!

We will endeavor to bring you video and results as soon as they are known.