Wakaichiro Loses Day 4

Wakaichiro Day 4 Aki 2018

Aki day 4 action, just prior to noon in Tokyo, Texas sumotori Wakaichiro faced off against his old nemesis Kaiseijo. With the vast number of rikishi in Jonidan and Sandanme, most will not face each other more than once or twice. For Wakaichiro and Kaiseijo, this was their 3 meeting. Sadly for Wakaichiro, Kaiseijo was able to extend his record to 3-0, dropping Wakaichiro to 0-2 for the start of Aki.

We expect him back on the dohyo on day 6 try work to improve his record. Until then we encourage him to focus on his next match, and keep moving forward.

One thought on “Wakaichiro Loses Day 4

  1. Tough loss: come on Wakaichiro you finished strong last time.

    Btw I think that the enormous bulk in the bottom left corner is Dewanojo, who has been in the sport for 6 years and has been unable to rise above sandanme. It’s a very hard game.


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