Wakaichiro Returns To Action Day 5

Wakaichiro Tachiai

The day 5 torikumi features the third bout for Texas sumotori Wakaichiro. Coming in with a 2-0 record, he is still working through Sandanme’s “winner’s bracket”, where rikishi with 2-0 records face off. Today’s opponent is Sandanme 90 Kaiseijo, from Asakayama heya, whose head is the former great Ozeki Kaiō.

Kaiseijo is fighting at his highest ever rank, having been in sumo since March 2014. He has bounced between Jonidan and Sandanme, generally scoring a 3-4 / 4-3 record in most tournaments. He is the same height as Wakaichiro, but 30 kg lighter. Interesting note, these two have faced once before, with Kaiseijo taking their prior match in Kyushu, which Kaiseijo won via tsukiotoshi thrust down. So this one is a rematch, Wakaichiro fans!

We will endeavor to bring you video and results as soon as they are known.


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