Grand Sumo Live – Day 1

NHK Grand Sumo Card

As announced during their always interesting preview show, the NHK World team will be broadcasting the final 50 minutes of Makuuchi live on the NHK World stream. In fact they will be doing 3 days of live streaming this basho, days 1,8 and 15. If you plan to tune in, the start times are (US)

3:10 AM Eastern / 2:10 AM Central / 1:10 AM Mountain / 12:10 AM Pacific

At the moment team Tachiai is not planning to cover day 1, though we may put together a Grand Sumo Live open thread for readers to share their discussion during the show.

NHK Grand Sumo Preview Airs Friday


It’s become a fixture of the sumo calendar for the English speaking world. With the opening day of the Aki basho just a few days away, NHK World brings us another preview of the tournament, along with highlights and features about sumo and rikishi. Fans are eager to see if Raja is back to being tortured by rikishi, what kind of discussion breaks out between Murray and John, and which days they will broadcast live (pretty sure its day 1 and 8).

Make sure to tune in and enjoy it as its broadcast, or visit the NHK World web site to watch it via video on demand (works great on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and other streaming platforms).

Schedule (All Times US Eastern)

Friday September 7th @ 12:30 AM
Friday September 7th @ 04:30 AM
Friday September 7th @ 12:30 PM
Friday September 7th @ 06:30 PM

John Gunning – Life of a Yobidashi


Once again the prolific John Gunning has opened his mental encyclopedia of sumo knowledge and let the rest of us learn.  His latest article in the Japan Times focuses on the life of the Yobidashi – the men who are always sweeping the dohyo, filling up the salt baskets, announcing matches, and taking care of everything needed to run a basho (or a jungyo day).  The article features an insight that at some point in 2012, there was recreational sumo match up between the yobidashi and the NHK crew. Once can only imagine the pounding Raja took on that dark day.


A Peek Behind The Scenes Of NHK’s Sumo Broadcasts


The prolific John Gunning brings us another great piece of sumo writing in the Japan Times. For today’s article, he shares a fantastic peek behind the scenes of NHK’s English language sumo broadcasts. It seems the English language audio track started in 1992 after the jungyo went to London, and people begged NHK for more accessible coverage. The article is loaded with amazing facts and tidbits, including the news that Raja Pradhran was a flight attendant before joining NHK, and becoming a favorite for rikishi practice ballast.

It’s also great to note that Hiro Morita is pushing for broader coverage, and John references an idea to put cameras in the tawara to give fans what would be a most interesting view of action. Well worth the time to read.