NHK World Grand Sumo Live – Nakabi (Day 8)

The fantastic crew at NHK World Japan will once again be broadcasting the final 50 minutest of Makuuchi live on their global stream. If you are a die hard sumo fan, an insomniac, or in a world time zone where Makuuchi is not on in the middle of the night, do set your streaming devices to the NHK World feed and enjoy the full bout format, along with insightful commentary from the hosts.

NHK Stream Link – here

Broadcast Times

  • London – 08:10
  • New York – 04:10
  • Chicago – 03:10
  • Los Angeles – 01:10
  • Honolulu – 22:10
  • Sydney – 19:10
  • Tokyo – 17:10

Grand Sumo Live – Day 1

NHK Grand Sumo Card

As announced during their always interesting preview show, the NHK World team will be broadcasting the final 50 minutes of Makuuchi live on the NHK World stream. In fact they will be doing 3 days of live streaming this basho, days 1,8 and 15. If you plan to tune in, the start times are (US)

3:10 AM Eastern / 2:10 AM Central / 1:10 AM Mountain / 12:10 AM Pacific

At the moment team Tachiai is not planning to cover day 1, though we may put together a Grand Sumo Live open thread for readers to share their discussion during the show.

Tachiai Live / Grand Sumo Live – Sunday May 20th


The good people at NHK are bringing us another special block of live sumo in the wee hours (US time) of Sunday morning. Because we love such things, the team at Tachiai will join in and conduct another of our live blog session for the full 2 hours of Makuuchi (and maybe some events of the day leading up to that. Yes, I know the NHK broadcast is only the last 50 minutes, but we are hard core enthusiasts, and are plugged into the mega-sumo uplink from the Kokugikan by multiple sources.

So join us at

  • 3:00 AM Eastern
  • 2:00 AM Central
  • 1:00 AM Mountain
  • 12:00 AM Pacific

Time in the US, and bring your happy dance. The Tachiai crew may have (by that point) killed a couple of bottles of sake and be on the silly side.