John Gunning – Life of a Yobidashi


Once again the prolific John Gunning has opened his mental encyclopedia of sumo knowledge and let the rest of us learn.  His latest article in the Japan Times focuses on the life of the Yobidashi – the men who are always sweeping the dohyo, filling up the salt baskets, announcing matches, and taking care of everything needed to run a basho (or a jungyo day).  The article features an insight that at some point in 2012, there was recreational sumo match up between the yobidashi and the NHK crew. Once can only imagine the pounding Raja took on that dark day.


One thought on “John Gunning – Life of a Yobidashi

  1. thank you again John for another amazing insight. if only the Yobidashi’s financial reward was higher for what they do – they are truly the unsung (pardon the pun) heroes!


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