May – Grand Sumo Preview

Believe it or not, NHK World Japan will be hosting one in the ongoing series of Grand Sumo Previews. In spite of the fact that the Natsu basho has been canceled (although Tachiai and Grand Sumo Breakdown are carrying on with a mock basho) – the crew at Grand Sumo are prepared to talk about the situation with our favorite sport.

NHK WORLD-JAPAN reviews the Grand Sumo spring tournament held without spectators. It also looks at the current situation of sumo after the cancellation of the May tournament.

Tune in Friday (Japan time) to see if they force Raja to get his sinus swabbed by a laughing Chiyomaru in a demonstration of the uncomfortable nature of COVID-19 testing. First showing is 00:30 Eastern time US on Friday / 21:30 Pacific time Thursday.

5 thoughts on “May – Grand Sumo Preview

  1. “Tune in Friday (Japan time) to see if they…” Oh, sweet flippered hell, do not give them ideas.

    (So glad they’re doing this!)

  2. It was good. Raja teaches a sumo fitness routine with a special guest. During the discussion Hiro and Murray were on the left and right of the screen to stay 6 feet apart and a CyberGunning appeared on a tv in between them. Every year we get closer to life from the Ghost in the Shell anime.

  3. I was impressed by Hiro! Especially the flexibility. And Raj still got chewed on a bit. I was also pleased that they are having several specials. And then, Mock Natsu! Matsu? Things are looking up!


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