NHK Grand Sumo Preview

With just a few days to go before the Kyushu basho, its time once again for our favorite sumo presenters to take to NHK World Japan to discuss the upcoming tournament.

I am looking forward to this program’s featured rikishi, the team’s commentary and predictions, and what manner of torture Raja has to endure this time. Maybe they will make him eat the same lunch that Mitakeumi does…

The first showing will be tonight (US time) at 11:30 PM Eastern / 8:30 PM Central. Consult the NHK World web site for the correct time in your location.

2 thoughts on “NHK Grand Sumo Preview

  1. Yay, looking forward to it! 11:30 Eastern time (US) is 8:30 Pacific time, though, so I’d think Central is 10:30?


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