Natsu Dohyo Construction Complete

We had been waiting for the Japan Sumo Association to post pictures of the dohyo build in the Kokugikan for the last few days, and they finally released them all in one big wave overnight US time. Now, some of you may know that Team Tachiai’s hype levels are ramping up in anticipation of this weekend’s first matches, and these build videos and photos just notch that up another few points. For your enjoyment – the Natsu dohyo….

With the dohyo complete, time to put the roof in place,

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Dohyo Rebuild Underway In Tokyo

The Japan Sumo Association posted a short video loop to twitter today, showing the yobidashi and support crew working to rebuild the dohyo in the Kokugikan, in preparation for Sunday’s start of the Haru Basho for 2021. I would expect that the dedication ceremony, the dohyo matsuri, may once again be live streamed on Saturday, which would mean it would be live on YouTube some time Friday evening US time.

Kokugikan Dohyo Build Under Way

It’s almost sumo time, and pictures released on the Sumo Kyokai’s twitter feed show the team busy building the dohyo for this weekend’s start of the Aki basho. The raised fighting platform will be consecrated in a ceremony a bit before noon in Tokyo on Saturday. It’s unknown if, given the restrictions around COVID-19, if the public will be invited to attend as they were in less restrictive times.

Hatsu Dohyo Build Underway

Word comes to Tachiai that the yobidashi crew is hard at work building the dohyo for the Hatsu Basho, now just a few days away. The team in the Kokugikan first break down the clay platform last used in September’s Aki basho, and remakes it from scratch, by hand.

Below, some fun video from the Sumo Kyokai’s twitter feed showing the work in progress