Natsu Dohyo Construction Complete

We had been waiting for the Japan Sumo Association to post pictures of the dohyo build in the Kokugikan for the last few days, and they finally released them all in one big wave overnight US time. Now, some of you may know that Team Tachiai’s hype levels are ramping up in anticipation of this weekend’s first matches, and these build videos and photos just notch that up another few points. For your enjoyment – the Natsu dohyo….

With the dohyo complete, time to put the roof in place,

Yobidashi making precision cuts for placement of the tawara….

The crew in Tokyo start the process to rebuild the dohyo

One thought on “Natsu Dohyo Construction Complete

  1. With the bouts starting tonight, I went to the official site to check out the day 1 pairings. I was surprised to see no Juryo visitor with Ichinojo out, so I checked the absent rikishi page. Ishiura is also kyujo from day 1. Guess he’s not healed up from his ill-advised attempt to return from injury last basho. Such a shame, as it’ll sink him deep into the second division for July. Looking forward to a preview post, and the start of the basho!


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