Dohyo Construction For Natsu Underway

In Tokyo, the yobidashi crew are hard at work building the dohyo for the upcoming Natsu basho, which starts Sunday. As can be seen in this photo from the Sumo Kyokai’s twitter feed, the team first breaks down the old dohyo, mixes the clay and shapes it anew.

The construction will continue for the next several days, culminating with a consecration ceremony on Saturday, just before the yusho portraits of the last two Emperor’s Cup winners are unveiled. With the Natsu basho only a few days away, we are eagerly awaiting the return of sumo action.

Stay tuned!

Haru Dohyo Construction Progressing

The Yobidashi team are hard at work in the EDION arena in Osaka Japan, creating the dohyo for the upcoming Haru basho. In the media from the Sumo Kyokai’s twitter feed, we can see that the platform has its shape, and the ring is clearly visible. On Saturday, the ring will be consecrated during the dohyo matsuri, and we will be ready for action on Sunday.

Hatsu Dohyo Matsuri – Lets Get Started!

Hatsu 2019 dohyo matsuri

Saturday morning in Tokyo, the dohyo for the 2019 Hatsu basho was consecrated in a shinto ceremony. The event was open to the public, and attend by the top men of sumo along with community and government leaders. With the senior gyoji in full priest regalia, the symbolic offerings were placed in a small hole exquisitely cut in the center of the dohyo, and then sealed inside. With prayers for the safety of the competitors, the prosperity of Japan and the health of the nation, the ceremony was concluded. The dohyo is now ready for competition, which is just hours away.

Following the dohyo ceremony, the portraits of the last two yusho winners were presented, before being hoisted to the rafters of the Kokugikan to join the legion of images of past winners that encircle the upper deck. I have to say, this photo of the great Hakuho standing next to Takakeisho could serve as the iconic transition point for this era.

Hatsu Yusho Portraits [Hakuho and Takakeisho].jpg

Hatsu Dohyo Build Underway

Hatsu Dohyo 2019

The yobidashi and supporting crew are hard at work rebuilding the dohyo at the center of the Kokugikan. Each tournament the fighting platform is built or re-built, and made ready to host 15 days of competition. The dohyo and all of the elements that are incorporated into it are built by hand each time, and each tournament the dohyo will be slightly different.

Below is a video from the NSK’s twitter feed, showing a group of yobidashi tamping down fighting surface. Hatsu is only a few days away!

and a bonus video – consider this the “dohyo dance”

The Hatsu basho starts this weekend, we can hardly wait!