Happy Birthday, Abi!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! And Happy Birthday to the high-flying Abi! The Maegashira #2 turned 24. Its hard to remember these guys are so young. We talk about Hakuho like he is over the hill but even he is only 33! At least I am not as old as Aminishiki!

I want to thank reader “jab” for his comment on the Soken article. The Sumo Kyokai actually has a great calendar on its website but some of the specifics do not get translated for the English side of the site. It is a little frustrating that there is not a clear link to the English site. Instead you have to realize the little globe on the top menu bar is the link to the English site. But there is a lot of great information there. I will try to do a better job of noting news updates and the sumo calendar. I had paid most attention to Jungyo tours but there is more available.