Happy Birthday, Abi!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! And Happy Birthday to the high-flying Abi! The Maegashira #2 turned 24. Its hard to remember these guys are so young. We talk about Hakuho like he is over the hill but even he is only 33! At least I am not as old as Aminishiki!

I want to thank reader “jab” for his comment on the Soken article. The Sumo Kyokai actually has a great calendar on its website but some of the specifics do not get translated for the English side of the site. It is a little frustrating that there is not a clear link to the English site. Instead you have to realize the little globe on the top menu bar is the link to the English site. But there is a lot of great information there. I will try to do a better job of noting news updates and the sumo calendar. I had paid most attention to Jungyo tours but there is more available.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Abi!

  1. ”Age” in the world of sumo seems to be very similar to ”age” for running backs in the National Football League. Twenty-four is young for both and 35 is old for both. You’ll see the occasional ”late bloomer” in both pursuits and you’ll the odd situation where the athlete is still excelling in his thirties, but it seems rare indeed. The wear and tear on the body seems to take a dreadful toll on rickshi and running back at a very similar pace.

    • It’s an asura, a fighting demon in hindu mythology. Apparently, when he became a sekitori his heya master Shikoroyama (former Terao) wished for him to be “strong like Asura, fighting and burning”. “Abi” is also Terao’s nickname.

  2. The globe symbol on the NSK site does have a subtitle “English” at certain screen resolutions / font sizes. I didn’t realize until now that they’ve made it difficult to find the English section of the site on the mobile-friendly design version. (Then again, after using it for 15 years I even forget that not everybody is aware of its existence in the first place.)

  3. Anyone who can raise his leg over his head while standing on the other peg has my respect.


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