May Tournament, Day 1: Happy Mother’s Day!!

It’s hard to blame Mother’s Day for why I wasn’t able to see any sumo…but here we are. All of the Yokozunas and Ozeki won but the sekiwake and komusubi lost. Osunaarashi’s back with a win over Takanoiwa. Neither Chiyonoumi nor Homarenishiki fought today or were on the schedule for today. I’ll look for news about whether they’re kyujo. But more importantly, I’ll watch some bouts tonight.

春場所2016: Henka Yusho! (白鵬ありがとう!)

Thank you, Hakuho!

Screenshot (174)
At a loss for words…

It’s hard to watch this post-match interview with the champ. He’s obviously affected by the audience’s yelling about the henka and apologizes.

However, I’ve got to thank him. I’d been worried about today’s match because Harumafuji is not 100% and going head-to-head with the best could bring about further injury. So, seeing Harumafuji sprint past Kisenosato and into the crowd brought about laughter and then relief. Hakuho may have noticed Harumafuji come up lame yesterday (see earlier post) and may not have wanted to take it to him.

Regardless, we’ve seen our superzuna come back this tournament. And it’s been a pleasure to watch…though maybe not for Yoshikaze.


春場所2016: Hakuho Domination

Hakuho obliterated Kakuryu, secure in his lead with 2 days to go. He’ll fight Kotoshogiku tomorrow who was thrown rather easily by Harumafuji. Harumafuji was able to attack the ozeki at an angle, effectively neutralizing any hippy-hoppety leg thrusts. Then seemed to tip Giku over rather leisurely from that position.

Kisenosato and Goeido maintain their hopes at staying in contention but with Hakuho fighting like this, those hopes are more and more remote. Kisenosato managed Aoiyama by maintaining central position and ushering the maegashira to his makekoshi. And as I mentioned in my previous post, Goeido overpowered a weakened Terunofuji – who has no business being in this tournament anymore and should be resting until JULY. Meanwhile, Myogiryu has fallen out of contention with his surprising loss to Mitakeumi.

Down in Juryo, Osunaarashi has locked up the yusho with two days to go. The way he was  fighting, though, it was clear a week ago he was going to win. Endo is actually tied with Nishikigi, Chiyoshoma, and Amakaze in second.

Terunofuji Should Be Kyujo

Why would he or his management risk further injury by having Terunofuji fight today? He got his kachi-koshi so he’s secured his ozeki rank for not only next tournament, but the tournament following. He should sit this tournament out AND THE NEXT ONE to recover. Yes, he’ll go kadoban – but so what? It’s better to elect to go kadoban and put yourself in a position to WIN YUSHO than to struggle against GOEIDO. Spoiler: Terunofuji was just beaten by Goeido, badly. He was basically walked to the edge and out. WTF is he doing on the dohyo while injured?