May Tournament, Day 1: Happy Mother’s Day!!

It’s hard to blame Mother’s Day for why I wasn’t able to see any sumo…but here we are. All of the Yokozunas and Ozeki won but the sekiwake and komusubi lost. Osunaarashi’s back with a win over Takanoiwa. Neither Chiyonoumi nor Homarenishiki fought today or were on the schedule for today. I’ll look for news about whether they’re kyujo. But more importantly, I’ll watch some bouts tonight.

5 thoughts on “May Tournament, Day 1: Happy Mother’s Day!!

  1. Now you know what you have to do so that she can enjoy it twice ^^
    By the way, although I am a fan of sumo for some time I’ve just found your blog by chance… great job! I’m gonna read it regularly from now ^^


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