Hakuho Brutalizes Yoshikaze

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Battle Royale
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10-seconds of sumo, or 3 rounds of MMA?

If anyone wants to dismiss sumo as a bunch of fat creme puffs in diapers, I would show them two matches from today’s basho: Hakuho v Yoshikaze and Osunaarashi v Endo. Neither Hakuho nor Osunaarashi really fit the stereotypical body type exemplified by Chiyoootori or Kotoshogiku or Akiseyama, and both can be super aggressive. That aggressiveness was on display — and splattered all over Hakuho’s shoulders — making for quite the ugly scene.

Likewise, Osunaarashi always seems to bring it up a notch when he faces Endo. In Juryo it can’t be explained by the kensho kin so it makes me wonder if there’s something personal between the two?

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Osunaarashi flips Endo

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