Tachiai Aki Basho Podcast – Basho Preview And Predictions

The final installment of our Aki Basho podcast, we preview the tournament, and who we think is going to be in competition for the cup this September. With Isegahama oyakata COVID positive, will Terunofuji compete? Can shin-sekiwake Hoshoryu be able to reach kachi-koshi at his highest ever rank? Will we see fireworks as Asanoyama works to battle back to the salaried ranks from Makushita 15, hunting for a 7-0 yusho. We have our always regrettable prediction, and so much more.

Yes, aware there are some audio problems in the YouTube version…

5 thoughts on “Tachiai Aki Basho Podcast – Basho Preview And Predictions

  1. As an FYI, there was a long-form programme presented by Hiro Morita on NHKWorld recently under a series called Dosukoi Sumo Salon, that takes a deep dive into particular topics. Andy might be interested in some of the data presented.

    This episode has Musashigawa oyakata / the former Musashimaru as a panelist:

    DOSUKOI Sumo Salon
    First-Time Title Winners

    Alongside the new YouTube channel, it really does feel like the NSK and NHK are leaning into English language sumo content more.

    And enjoying the video podcasts on Tachiai, too!

  2. I am going to pick Kotonowaka every tournament here on in to make Ozeki. To me he has made the most obvious improvement in his sumo in the past year and he is handling some of the best and losing usually only to the best. But it is sumo and the chaos happens, so regardless I am excited!

  3. I’m with Josh on the M1 duo—they’re going to get slaughtered; the only question is how deep their make-koshi will be.

    And the Abi prediction became regrettable even sooner than expected, and for reasons unrelated to the virus.


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