Tachiai Aki Podcast – Sumo News And Topics

Tachiai’s podcast team return on YouTube and your favorite podcast platform to discuss the upcoming Aki basho. We discuss the emergence of Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time” YouTube channel, Ichinojo’s yusho in Nagoya, the farce that the NSK’s COVID Kyujo rules produced in July, and we discuss the future rivalry between former Yokozuna Hakuho (now Miyagino Oyakata) and Kisenosato (now Nishonoseki Oyakata). It’s 25 minutes of your life you will never get back, so why not share it with us.

YouTube at the top, audio below.

2 thoughts on “Tachiai Aki Podcast – Sumo News And Topics

  1. I think Ichinojo will follow up his yusho with a make-koshi. I’m predicting him to go 6-9. He definitely earned his Nagoya yusho because he fought all the rikishi ranked above him before the COVID feces hit the fan, but he lacks the stamina to win consistently. Terunofuji 13-2 for the yusho and Kotonowaka 12-3 for the jun-yusho. I also predict that Wakatakakage will be the only sekiwake/komusubi to get kachi-koshi. If it plays out that way Kotonowaka will be a sekiwake for Kyushu.and ready to begin an ozeki run.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised if COVID hits the sumo world again and because of the JSA’s meshuggeneh COVID policy several Makuuchi rikishi will have to pull out and things will get all discombobulated again.

  2. One of the things I really like about Hiro Morita’s videos are the segments where he gets in the dohyo and performs some of the rituals and exercises. Sumo has a stereotype among non-fans as being a bunch of “fat guys in diapers,” but seeing a regular decently fit guy struggle with even the basic exercises, you can see what amazing athletes the rikishi really are.* All the videos from Arashio have been informative and really fun.

    *I think the Olympics should do more of this too.


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