Takagenji Marijuana Punishments Handed Down

The Japan Sumo Association will dismiss Takagenji and demote his stable master, Tokiwayama-oyakata, as Takagenji has admitted to smoking marijuana about eight times in the past. Whether the actual number is eight, or not, we’re a far sight from the CBD oil and “gummies” mentioned in early reports.

Again, we see a theme here. The initial allegation was met with a denial and then as the truth comes out, the scandal gets a bit worse. While Asanoyama and Ryuden remain in the association, in each case this was their first offense. For Takagenji, as Herouth pointed out, he was also implicated in the bullying scandal that ended his brother’s career. Also, his infraction involved an actual crime.

That fact is probably why workshops and even drug tests are being mentioned as broader impacts on current rikishi. It also makes one wonder whether those tests will be contained to just weed, or if other substances will be included in a testing regimen. Lastly, given the size of the association, I would surmise that testing would follow discrete and specific allegations rather than being broad, like the current association-wide covid testing. But it also makes one wonder if the case of a specific allegation may result in stable-wide testing, or just for the accused. If more details come out, we’ll follow up.

Tokiwayama-oyakata will be demoted from iin to toshiyori. To give context, most of the more recent retirees, like Tochiozan, and Sokokurai are toshiyori. Some exceptions among recent retirees are former-Yokozuna Kakuryu and Takekuma (ex-Goeido). They are toshiyori, but as iin taigu it means they’re treated like iin. Naruto and Musashigawa are iin. Former Takekaze is even higher, as shunin.

Takagenji caught smoking pot

Our sharp-eyed readers have noticed by now that the scandal meter has been reset recently, with a title “Takaganja scandal”. I did not want to let this matter overshadow Terunofuji’s promotion or the other good news coming from the banzuke committee, but here is the story.

Before I go on, a note: this story is not about sports doping. This is not a Sha’Carri Richardson kind of controversy about whether or not cannabis should be banned in sports. Cannabis is simply a banned substance according to Japanese law, so read the title as “Takagenji caught committing a criminal offense”.

Two more points to bear in mind:

  • Japanese law has penalties for possession or trafficking, but not for use of cannabis.
  • CBD products are sold legally, and even promoted by the former Kisenosato, Araiso oyakata (fun fact: the yokozuna’s rope is made of hemp).

So here is the story.

On Saturday, July 17, day 14 of Nagoya basho, a report came to the NSK officials, saying that “rumors among the rikishi say that Takagenji has been using cannabis, and two of the NSK employees in the heya know about it”.

At around 8pm the same day, Tokiwayama oyakata and other employees in the heya were summoned for inquiry. One of them said that he heard such a rumor once in the past, but did not hear it again.

On the 18th (senshuraku), after his bout was over, Oguruma oyakata, who is the head of the compliance department, questioned Takagenji about those rumors. Takagenji claimed that he was using CBD oil for pain relief, as well as gummy drops to prevent stage fright, which are said to contain CBD, and that this was the source of the rumor. He was asked if he would agree to be tested, and gave his consent.

On the 19th, around 3PM, under supervision from the Compliance Committee’s lawyer, a urine test was held, and Takagenji came out positive.

When questioned about this, Takagenji admitted to having smoked one joint while taking a walk on a road near the heya’s lodging during the basho.

Following its own regulations, the NSK referred the case to the police. He was questioned by the police and then released. He is now back home (in Tokyo), confined to his house under instructions from his oyakata.

Once the police completes its investigations (which it may have already done) and the compliance committee hands in its report, the board will decide on an appropriate punishment.

The prospects do not look good for Takagenji, and it appears he will be joining his older twin in the world outside sumo.

Following the cannabis scandals in the early 2000s, the NSK regulations have been revised, and although the police does not penalize people for positive THC tests or for smoking a doobie, the NSK regulations forbid drug use and the penalty is dismissal. Insiders tell the press that Takaganja is facing either a “recommendation to retire” or a straight up dismissal.

This is not the Juryo man’s first involvement in scandal. He was involved in the same scandal that saw his twin brother ousted from the sumo world, although he stopped short of using physical violence then, and was reprimanded for “power harassment” only.

Juryo Promotions Announced

The Kyokai Promotion Party keeps going as the Sumo Kyokai released the list of wrestlers promoted to Juryo. There was some speculation that there may be as many as four but as it turns out, three wrestlers were promoted to Juryo, led by yusho winner Hokuseiho. Joining Hokuseiho as shin-Juryo will be Murata from Takasago beya. With the promotion, he’s changing to a “proper” shikona, Asashiyu. Churanoumi will be returning to Juryo after one tournament in Makushita. He had been sekitori since January of last year, climbing as high as Juryo 3 before injury and two poor showings dropped him out of the division. The banzuke for September is now known to the Kyokai insiders but we are left to guess who got lucky and who got the shaft.

Yokozuna Terunofuji’s Promotion Video

Early Wednesday in Tokyo, Terunofuji and Isegahama oyakata (and the okamisan!) received the party from the Japan Sumo Association, brining the official announcement that Terunofuji had been promoted to Yokozuna. Terunofuji now becomes the 73rd Yokozuna, and the sumo world celebrates. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can see a video of it too!

As it was a live stream, the title card stays up for a while, then you have several minutes of Terunofuji standing around looking nervous. But the crew shows up, everyone gets into the zarei, and in a moment, it’s fish lifting time!

Congratulations to Yokozuna Terunofuji. I know of no parallel in the world of sports for what you achieved. May your reign at the top be long and happy.