Takagenji Marijuana Punishments Handed Down

The Japan Sumo Association will dismiss Takagenji and demote his stable master, Tokiwayama-oyakata, as Takagenji has admitted to smoking marijuana about eight times in the past. Whether the actual number is eight, or not, we’re a far sight from the CBD oil and “gummies” mentioned in early reports.

Again, we see a theme here. The initial allegation was met with a denial and then as the truth comes out, the scandal gets a bit worse. While Asanoyama and Ryuden remain in the association, in each case this was their first offense. For Takagenji, as Herouth pointed out, he was also implicated in the bullying scandal that ended his brother’s career. Also, his infraction involved an actual crime.

That fact is probably why workshops and even drug tests are being mentioned as broader impacts on current rikishi. It also makes one wonder whether those tests will be contained to just weed, or if other substances will be included in a testing regimen. Lastly, given the size of the association, I would surmise that testing would follow discrete and specific allegations rather than being broad, like the current association-wide covid testing. But it also makes one wonder if the case of a specific allegation may result in stable-wide testing, or just for the accused. If more details come out, we’ll follow up.

Tokiwayama-oyakata will be demoted from iin to toshiyori. To give context, most of the more recent retirees, like Tochiozan, and Sokokurai are toshiyori. Some exceptions among recent retirees are former-Yokozuna Kakuryu and Takekuma (ex-Goeido). They are toshiyori, but as iin taigu it means they’re treated like iin. Naruto and Musashigawa are iin. Former Takekaze is even higher, as shunin.

9 thoughts on “Takagenji Marijuana Punishments Handed Down

  1. Disappointed in the sumo association, but, obviously, not surprised. My opinion on the matter is that many many MANY of these wrestlers are in constant discomfort from years and years of unhealed injuries. The NFL has finally come around to understanding that marijuana usage can significantly lessen the incessant pain being suffered by current and former players, but it’s taken many years to get to this point. Hopefully, someday Japan will become more understanding of the health needs of these national treasures and act accordingly. But I not holding my breath and neither should anyone else.

    • I doubt Takagenji’s usage was medical. This is the thing: if it’s not legal and regulated, you do not know what you are getting. Athletes have to pay extra attention to what they put into their bodies which is why I understand the reluctance of athletes in the US to get the COVID vaccine. They are liable for what they eat, drink…everything. It’s why Russian athletes are competing as ROC. The fact that Takagenji was smoking whatever, he’s not serious. The black market is not a place to mess around when you’re a professional.

  2. People like to cling to the medical benefits of marijuana and they are numerous but ultimately illegal is illegal and banned is banned. Takagenji by using weed knew he was breaking the law and (perhaps more importantly) the banned substance rules in sumo. Further it sounds like if he’d come clean maybe he’d have gotten away with a demotion and a ban for a year but he lied and made the association investigate to find out how badly he broke the rules. Takagenji knew what he was doing could cost him his career and rolled the dice anyway.

    I don’t understand Japan’s (and a lot of eastern country’s) issue with weed but that’s the rules. Just because you personally don’t agree with those rules doesn’t mean they don’t apply to you. A country (usually) won’t bend or break their laws just for any one person.

  3. Regardless of your view in this subject, if you compete in a sport ruled by an organization that does shit like banning everyone from social media because one competitor did some dumb shit, or suspend someone from a year because they went to a night club, what do you think they are going to do if they catch you smoking weed? I’m surprised NSK didn’t go for the death penalty here

  4. This situation isn’t really funny at all but…

    I can’t help but chuckle at the image of a giant dude in a mawashi baked out of his gourd and blasting Boris or Dopesmoker while covered in Cheeto dust.

  5. I think it is a bit rich to accuse the NSK of sticking to what is the law in Japan.

    The weed may cause severe psychosis in some and therefore should never be taken as a recreational drug.
    If taken for medical purposes it should be used under a doctor’s supervision.

    Also I would hesitate to describe Takagenji as a national treasure :)))

  6. Goodbye and good riddance to another ass-clown. Sorry all, but regardless of circumstances he knew the rules and it’s as simple as that.

    It really doesn’t matter or count a hoot what is acceptable in other countries and/or cultures. The bottom line is that it’s ILLEGAL in Japan and everyone knows it, not some big secret or mystery and the “constant discomfort” excuse doesn’t fly either.

    “The Man” makes the rules and runs the game. If you want to participate in His game then you sign up for His rules too. Sorry but that’s life and how it works so either put on the big boy shorts and buck up or find some other vocation where drug use is accepted. Game, set, match, you’re outta here dumb-ass!!!


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