An IT Project Manager’s Worst Nightmare…the Next Day Update

Oops. I forgot to include a brilliant feature that my wife had mentioned to me. It is actually that brilliant, so I’m not going to wait a week or so to implement the update. What has me so eager to get this update out early? Well, I added the websites, Instagram, and Twitter pages of all of the stables that I could find. I also included the official profile pages at Cool, no?

How to find it on the visualization?

Example: Naruto-beya website list

Step 1: Mouseover Points on Map

Find the stable you want to learn more about. You can either just randomly mouseover points on the map, or find the name of the one you’re searching for in the table. If you mouseover the stable in the table, it will highlight the corresponding point on the map (and the block in the visualization).

Step 2: Click on a Point on Map

When you find the stable you want, click on the map point. When you do that, the website links will appear below the dotted line in the Tool Tip (pop-up box). Now, you can just click on any of the links and it should take you right to that page. The “ Profile” has a lot of great information, including lists of wrestlers and staff.

I need to caveat this with the fact that I do not have a source for how I call these “official” pages for the stables. It’s based off my own judgement. In a few places, the pages seem to be rather inactive. If they were inactive for long periods or I couldn’t be confident that it was the official page, I left it off. If it seemed like it may be a fan page or just a zombie, I did not include it. That said, if you see any errors, let me know in the comments. If you know of any official pages that I have not listed, put it in the comments.

I’ve not finished going through the Facebook or Line pages yet. I plan to add those in the future. The Line page would be a QR code instead of a link. I’m not sure if I’ll add that…it may look weird but I need to get a list of those first. Again, to prevent your browser from loading the Tableau dashboard automatically, I have put it after the “more” link below. There’s also a menu item in the main menu above. Or you can click on this link.

At this point, I can only recommend users to view this visualization in a Desktop browser. I count my Surface as a desktop but it’s not optimized for iPads and mobile devices, yet. That will be a future iteration after I learn more about what y’all actually want to see. For example, I may kill off the visualization. I like it but y’all may not and I can have my super bad-ass version on my home machine but a simplified version for web users. It’s not like I’m going to focus-group you guys and create user stories or go full DevSecOps on this thing. When I think to add something, I will, but my focus here is just to have something easy-to-use and understandable. That’s a win in my book. Low bars.

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