July Basho Covid-19 Precautions


Today the NSK has announced that they will be holding the 2020 July Basho, which kicks off next Sunday, July 19th. They have also announced that audience members will be allowed to attend, albeit at a far reduced number at 2,500 (25% of the regular capacity). In preparation for the first fan attended Honbasho since Hatsu, the NSK has published a strick guideline to combat Covid-19 infection, which applies to both audience members, rikishi, and other association members.

Regulations for audience members:

  • The Kokugikan will open at 1:00pm.
  • Upon entering the Kokugikan, audience members will have their temperature checked and their hands disinfected. Mini disinfectants will be distributed.
  • Spectators must wear masks, and keep eating and drinking to a minimum. Food sales and shopping opportunities will be limited.
  • Only one spectator may sit in the 4 person masu boxes located in the first level of the Kokugikan.
  • Spectators must sit 3 seats apart, and rows will be staggered to avoid sitting directly in front of each other. No one will be permitted to sit in the aisle seats.
  • The Tamari seats that surround the dohyo will be vacant.
  • Any fan service that would bring audience members into contact with rikishi are cancelled.
  • Spectators are encouraged to show self-restraint, and applause is recommended instead of cheering.

Regulations for rikishi and other association members:

  • Precautions put into place during the Haru Basho in March, such as temperature checks and hand sanitization, will continue to be followed.
  • Masks are to be worn in the shitakubeya during preparation and warmups.
  • Acrylic dividers will be used to separate each rikishi’s preparation area.
  • The sumo school will be set up as an extra preparation space to avoid crowding.
  • Markers will be placed along the hanamichi for rikishi, yobidashi, and gyoji to practice social distancing.
  • Tokoyama are encouraged to do as much of their hairdressing as possible at the heya.
  • Rikishi will remove their mask when they exit the shitakubeya and will put on a fresh mask after their match, before re-entering the preparation room.

It is through these precautions that the NSK hopes to prevent any spread of Covid-19 to association members and spectators alike. While this announcement somewhat clears up what the July Basho is going to look like, there still remain several details that haven’t been explained. For example, does the mask removal apply to yobidashi, or just when they are doing specific jobs like calling the rikishi? Will rikishi and shimpan be spread out or staggered around the dohyo? These questions and more may not get an answer until we see everything in motion come July 19th.

17 thoughts on “July Basho Covid-19 Precautions

  1. Liking this, but nervously. I hope all the precautions are successful and everyone can enjoy the basho safely.

  2. Anyone who CAN wear a non-disposable mask probably would be, I’d think. Otherwise the yobidashi are going to spend half of their days emptying trash cans…

  3. Thank you for the write-up! Assuming no spread of the virus, as long as one zabuton can be thrown and there will, presumably, be more sponsors than in March, I’m happy!

  4. So delighted at the possibility of seeing sumo. Fingers crossed everyone stays 元気!

  5. Non-goya basho.

    We need to get used to using month names, because “Kyushu” basho is also going to be in Tokyo.

    • “Kyushu basho is also going to be in Tokyo” – is this a fact or an assumption?

      • Fact – it is one of the decisions that were made in the special board meeting on July 13th.

        • Thanks for the reply!

          So I don’t have to think about going to Fukuoka this year.

          Greetings from Germany.

          • I have to say that the very idea of boarding a flight abroad this year sounds out of touch with reality to me at the moment. But maybe it’s the difference in our respective countries.

            • Well – at the moment it is more an optimistic wish than a real possibility. But who knows what the situation will be like in november or january …

  6. Would rather see another ghost basho, but I’m excited to see sumo again nonetheless. Here’s hoping that the precautions are sufficient, and that we don’t see Aki cancelled!

  7. Yeah I am a big combat sports fan myself and call me a grumpy old man (wife does all the time, I’m just 39, wtf is up with her?!) but I LOVE not listening to a peep from the crowds. Few boxing matches lately and all the MMA fights there have been these past months and of course the last basho were absolutely amazing for me, I love being able to hear everything, the corners, the smack talk, the thuds, etc. I dont like the crowds at all!

    But in sumo things are a bit different, I love when old ladies sit in the front full knowing they are always inches from certain death, the equivalent of the “splash zone” in sea world except in here it is literally shamu himself landing on top of you, yet they still sit there and applaud and laugh at the whole thing. Sumo crowds are something else, so I am happy to see them back.

    • Me too! The crowds are a huge part of my enjoyment of sumo. Looking forward to the basho and best of luck to all the rikishi!


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