2020 July Basho Scorecards

July Basho Cover

The 2020 July Bahso Scorecards are here for the Makuuchi and Juryo divisions. It’s been quite some time since I’ve made scorecards for a tournament, and I found this time to be remarkably enjoyable! While going through the banzuke to impute names and ranks, it felt like I was thumbing through an school yearbook and revisiting all the old friends who I haven’t thought of in a while. Seeing all these wonderful rikishi really got me excited for what I hope will be a safe, exciting basho!

2020 July Basho – Makuuchi
2020 July Basho – Juryo

4 thoughts on “2020 July Basho Scorecards

  1. I feel Okinoumi is going to get destroyed at Komusubi, and Onosho will rise to take his place. The time off to get healthy will have benefited everyone, but the younger guys will likely feel reborn with how little energy they’ve been expending with normal training. Older guys like Okinoumi might end up wearing down even worse without the daily rigor keeping them in fighting shape. This tourney feels like the true sea change event. Of course, I could be eating my words at the end as Hakuho raises the cup and Kakuryu finishes right behind him.

  2. Always so grateful for the scorecards, Liam. I was so happy for the sumo in March, and I am looking forward to July. Gotta have some normalcy to take our minds off… well… everything else, if only for a little while each day.


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