2019 Nagoya Basho Scorecards

Nagoya 2019

With just a few days to go until the Nagoya Basho starts, here are the scorecards for the Makuuchi and Juryo divisions.

For those wondering why rikishi who have gone kyujo before the scorecards go out, there is a reason. I goal is that these documents are not just scorecards, but also a form of a banzuke for those who like to keep their own records of the changes in sumo from basho to basho. I also keep a rikishi’s name on just in case they were to join part way through a basho.  For these reasons. every scorecard will have a spot for each rikishi ranked on the official banzuke, and only in the most special of circumstances (ex: Takanoiwa) will their bracket be changed.

Here’s hoping that you keeping score at home and that we get another exciting Basho!

2019 Nagoya Basho Scorecard
2019 Nagoya Basho Scorecard-Juryo

2019 Haru Basho Scorecards

Haru Card Cover

It’s almost here! In just a few hours the Haru Basho will kick off, and after a long break, sumo will finally be back. As always, here are my scorecards for those of you who enjoy following along at home! Also, if there is any interest in a Juryo Division scorecard please let me know and I’d be happy to make one up.

2019 Haru Basho Scorecard Part 1

2019 Haru Basho Scorecard Part 2

2019 Haru Basho Stable Card

Edit The Juryo scorecard is ready.

2019 Haru Basho Scorecard-Juryo

2019 Hatsu Basho Scorecards


Hello sumo fans! In just a few days the Kokugikan will be bustling with long-awaited sumo action, and everyone on Team Tachiai is gearing up for another two weeks of exciting coverage. As always, here are the scorecards for the 2019 Hatsu Basho. You will notice that like the banzuke, I have included Takanoiwa on the scorecard, but his section has been changed to reflect his non-participation. I have also included one for the Juryo Division and a shorter stable card for those who want to keep track of your favourite rikishi this January. Here’s hoping Hatsu continues the trend of exhilarating, unpredictable tournaments!

2019 Hatsu Basho Scorecard Part 1
2019 Hatsu Basho Scorecard Part 2
2019 Hatsu Basho Scorecard Juryo
2019 Hatsu Basho Stable Card