2020 July Basho Scorecards

July Basho Cover

The 2020 July Bahso Scorecards are here for the Makuuchi and Juryo divisions. It’s been quite some time since I’ve made scorecards for a tournament, and I found this time to be remarkably enjoyable! While going through the banzuke to impute names and ranks, it felt like I was thumbing through an school yearbook and revisiting all the old friends who I haven’t thought of in a while. Seeing all these wonderful rikishi really got me excited for what I hope will be a safe, exciting basho!

2020 July Basho – Makuuchi
2020 July Basho – Juryo

2020 Haru Basho Scorecards


With everything that has been going on in the sumo world lately, the 2020 Haru Basho is sure to be one to remember. While many spectators who planned to see sumo live at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium this March can’t attend (sorry Josh), fans can still follow along from home with our trusty Tachiai Scorecards©!

Here’s hoping that all of our readers are safe, healthy, and ready to enjoy a remarkable Basho!

2020 Haru Basho – Makuuchi Scorecard
2020 Haru Basho – Juryo Scorecard

2020 Hatsu Basho Scorecards

2020 Hatsu

Last year we saw the first Honbasho of a new Imperial era, and now we are a few days away from the first Honbasho of a new decade. What hasn’t changed, however, is my commitment to bringing you scorecards for each and every tournament. Here’s hoping we ring in the new year with another amazing Hatsu Basho!

2020 Hatsu Basho-Makuuchi Scorecard
2020 Hatsu Basho-Juryo Scorecard