2018 Kyushu Basho Scorecards

2018 Kyushu Scorecard PicSumo fans rejoice, the sport of giants is just a few days away!! Not only am I stoked for the return of sumo, but I’m also excited to celebrate a little anniversary this November. It’s hard for me to believe it, but it’s been one year since I started making scorecards for this wonderful site. As always, here are the full banzuke scorecards for those of you who enjoy keeping track of every win and loss in the top division, along with the smaller stable card version.

2018 Kyushu Basho Scorecard Part 1
2018 Kyushu Basho Scorecard Part 2
2018 Kyushu Basho Stable card

And as an added bonus, because I like you all so much, I’ve added a scorecard for the Juryo division

2018 Kyushu Basho Juryo Scorecard

The November tournament is looking like another incredible basho, and I can’t wait to see how Kyushu caps off one hell of a year in sumo!


2018 Natsu Basho Scorecard

Natsu Basho

It’s hard to believe that we are just one week away from the return of Sumo action! In what has seemed like an extra long inter-basho break, I know many of us are eagerly awaiting the start of the summer tournament! As always, I have taken some time to prepare a scorecard for the upcoming 2018 Natsu Basho.

Natsu Basho Pt.1
Natsu Basho Pt.2

In addition to the regular scorecard, I’ve put something new together for the upcoming tournament. While keeping track of every single rikishi’s record over an entire 15-day tournament can be a fun and engaging way to watch sumo, I realize that not everybody is interested in doing this, but may still want to track the progress of their favorite wrestlers as the tournament goes on. So I’ve created the Stable Card, a smaller form of the scorecard that allows you to keep track of your “stable” of up to ten favorite rikishi during the Basho.

Natsu Basho Stable Card

On a more personal note, I haven’t been very active around here as late as I’ve been asking myself the question “what is the next step in the life of Mr. Givemechanko?” and I’m happy to say that I have found the answer and will be returning to school in the fall to take architecture. While I may be swamped with readings, projects, and papers over the next few years, I will always make time for one of my most favorite sports and the wonderful community here on Tachiai!

The countdown to the 2018 Natsu Basho has already begun! Sumo is just seven days away from being back, and I can’t wait for another exhilarating tournament!

Hatsu Basho Scorecard

Hatsu Scorecard PreviewWith the return of sumo just a few weeks away, I’ve put together a new scorecard for the 2018 Hatsu Basho. I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for the great feedback the first scorecard received! I’m glad that everyone enjoyed it and I plan on having updated versions for each basho from now on.

As for filling out the scorecard, here is the system I use during each basho:

Win= White circle.
Loss= Black circle.
Kinboshi= Gold circle.
Kyujo= Black circle, cross out all remaining days.

There is really no wrong way to fill it out, however, so feel free to come up with the system that works best for you. Here’s to a Happy New Year and more great sumo in 2018!!

Hatsu Basho Score Card Part 1
Hatsu Basho Score Card Part 2