Promotion/Demotion Picture, Day 11

With 11 days of action in the books, let’s take a look at where things stand.


The best-performing Sekiwake, S1w Hoshoryu and S2e Kiribayama, both ran their records to 8-3, successfully defending their ranks. They’ll face off tomorrow for bragging rights and possibly for the lead in any emergency Ozeki promotion discussions. Top-ranked S1e Wakatakakage (5-6) needs to win 3 of 4 to maintain rank for the 8th straight basho, and 2 of 4 to stay in San’yaku. He takes on the yusho leader, Midorifuji, tomorrow.

Three of the four Komusubi, K1e Wakamotoharu (8-3), K1w Kotonowaka (8-3), and K2e Daieisho (9-2), will at least stay at the rank; they can make Sekiwake by reaching 11 wins. K2w Tobizaru (4-7) must win out or return to the maegashira ranks.

So no regular San’yaku slots will open up (unless multiple Komusubi force promotion to Sekiwake; an unprecedented 6 Sekiwake is not off the table yet!). We’ll see if anyone can do enough to create an extra Komusubi slot, with M5w Midorifuji (10-1) the only one I’d give decent odds to do so, unless M1w Shodai (6-5) wins out.

Makuuchi-Juryo Exchanges

No one has confirmed a seat on the Juryo barge yet. M11e Azumaryu (1-10) is in the worst shape, needing to win out for safety. M14w Bushozan (4-7), M17e Mitoryu (6-5), M15w Oho (5-6) and M16w Tsurugisho (7-4), and M12w Takarafuji (4-7) all need between one and two wins.

J1e Asanoyama (10-1) has done more than enough to ensure a return to Makuuchi after two years. J3e Ichinojo (10-1), who is also in the second division only for disciplinary reasons, should likewise be on his way back up. The two san’yaku-caliber rikishi are on course for a playoff clash for the yusho, which would be a rematch of the Day 4 bout won by Ichinojo.

If additional slots open up, J6e Gonoyama (8-3), J1w Tohakuryu (5-6) and J3w Shonannoumi (6-5) are in with a chance, but need 3 wins apiece to start the conversation, while J5w Enho (6-5) is a long shot at this point.

See this separate post for a look at the Juryo-Makushita exchange picture.


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