Makushita Update, Day 11

A couple of days ago, we set up the Makushita semifinals: Shiden vs. Ryuo and Kayo vs. Kaizen. I had Shiden and Kayo as the favorites, but both lost to their lower-ranked opponents. This eliminates the possibility of a multi-way playoff that was on the table if Ryuo and Kayo won, and also takes Shiden out of the running for Juryo promotion. It’ll be Ms26 Ryuo vs. Ms50 Kaizen, two journeymen who’ve never even reached upper Makushita, facing off for the yusho, with only bragging rights and a bigger jump up the rankings on the line.

The Ms1-Ms5 promotion zone now looks like this:

  1. Ms2w Chiyosakae (5-1)
  2. Ms3w Kawazoe (4-2)
  3. Ms2e Fujiseiun (3-3)
  4. Ms3e Tokihayate (3-3)
  5. Ms5e Chiyonoumi (3-3)

Chiyosakae is first in the promotion queue and cannot be passed, so he’ll be making an immediate return to Juryo unless there’s absolutely no room. The rest all need to win and hope for losses by others and by endangered Juryo rikishi. I am not sure about the promotion order between Kawazoe and Fujiseiun if both win—is an extra victory worth more than being one and a half rank higher? The only relevant action tomorrow is Fujiseiun taking on Tamashoho up in Juryo; he must win or say goodbye to his promotion hopes.

No slots are open in Juryo as of yet, but J14e Tokushoryu (4-7) must win out to avoid an immediate return to Makushita. The next-most-endangered man is J12e Tochimusashi (4-7), who needs 3. Several others are still looking for a win or two to reach safety, and some may luck out even with borderline records given the dearth of strong promotion cases in third division.

3 thoughts on “Makushita Update, Day 11

  1. The strength of schedule for those top 10 Makushita ranks almost seems harder than the bottom third of Makuuchi.

  2. Thanks for posting Iksumo. I like when you and Andy post on the lower divisions. Andy’s comment is one of the many reasons why I tend to enjoy the lower ranks now on most days!


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