Hatsu 2023 Day 1 Torikumi

The Kyokai has released the list of sekitori bouts for Day 1. Any notion of Terunofuji’s appearance is gone. He is kyujo. Lone Ozeki, Takakeisho, will take on Wakamotoharu in the musubi-no-ichiban whose brother, Wakatakakage, will seek to get his Ozeki-run off on the right foot with Meisei. The Hoshoryu vs Tobizaru bout, though, will be fire (as the kids say).

Takayasu versus Daieisho will be a challenging return to Sanyaku for the grizzled veteran. Remember, one of these men has won a yusho. Mitakeumi will face Shodai in probably the least anticipated bout of the tournament. Kiribayama will have his hands full with Tamawashi… Well, okay, it may be more appropriate to say Tamawashi will have his hands full of Kiribayama’s face. I do think his tsuppari will rule the day. And for our final sanyaku bout, I guess the first one, chronologically, Kotonowaka will welcome yusho winner, Abi.

6 thoughts on “Hatsu 2023 Day 1 Torikumi

  1. Interesting trivia, which is new to me.
    Kotonowaka’s father (also named Kotonowaka) was an ex Sanyaku rikishi.

    Also nice to see that onami brother’s competing together at Sanyaku level.

  2. Ishiura has withdrawn prior to day 1 yet again. At this point, I have to wonder what the worth is at his age trying to pull a Terunofuji and rise from the depths again. The injury is obviously still lingering and seems the type to permanently affect his style of sumo. And Ishiura is not going to be staying in the Association more than likely, as he has his father’s high school coaching job to take over. Perhaps that’s the hang-up, that Ishura’s dad isn’t ready to retire yet, so his son stays in pro sumo, but on a rapid kyujo descent.

    • Very sad to see, especially with something as potentially scary as a neck issue. Unfortunately, I have not heard more details.

    • Is there a good explanation why the third Onami is still languishing in makushita? Is it a lack of ambition, or physical talent, or injuries?

      • I don’t think it’s lack of ambition or injury. I think he’s just not been able to take it to the next level. That makushita joi is intense.

    • That was very sad news for me.

      When I looked just before the basho I didn’t see him on the “withdrawn” list and was happy to think he was back. Today I see that he did withdrawal.

      Ishiura was the first rikishi that I liked.


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