Hatsu 2023 Contest


Hatsu basho is nearly upon us! Tachiai is teaming up again with BuySumoTickets to bring readers the chance to win two tickets to the May basho for those of you who will be there in May. This time, the theme is Asanoyama and his return to Juryo. How many wins will Asanoyama have at Hatsu? As a tie-breaker, how many wins will the Makuuchi winner have?

I set up a separate page here on Tachiai for the contest, with form and details, so click the link below to go to the contest page. I don’t want this to get lost in the “infinite scroll” as time goes by. I’ll update that page with entries and status during the tournament. It won’t be a big deal for this tournament but I plan to have a dedicated page for contest entries. I need to see how this one goes, first.

Anyway, have your entries in by the start of Hatsu’s Day 1 action, January 8 — Japan time. We can’t have people guessing through the whole tournament, can we?

Contest details and form are here.

19 thoughts on “Hatsu 2023 Contest

  1. Unfortunately can’t enter as no trip to Japan planned.
    Now if you add in a lunch with Hiro Morita, never know, might have to buy a ticket.

    Thanks guys and Happy New Year

  2. As J12w Asanoyama needs all 15 wins for a thinkable promotion to Makuuchi.
    Therefore my guess is 15 and 13.

    Very glad that there are four Sekiwake and Komusubi each, as expected!

    • Looking at the history, 14 wins would almost certainly be enough, 13 might be but only if the the rest of the promotion/demotion scenarios are favorable

      • Thanks for the information. Then I‘d have said 14 and 13.
        But as I can‘t enter anyway, all is good…

  3. I won’t be going either -darn it! Now that I am in the comment section, (apologies Andy), my guess is 14 – 12.

    • The hope is that this could become a regular thing, in which case you might miss out this time but next time you might be eligible.

  4. In his recent two post-ban bashos in Juryo, Abi went 11-4 (from J14) and then 13-2 (from J5). Ryuden took 3 tournaments to clear Juryo: 13-2 (from J13), 9-6 (from J3) and then 12-3 (from J1). Asanoyama (J12) is theoretically a stronger rikishi than either of them, but he did slip up a couple of times in Makushita. So I figure somewhere around 11 or 12 wins looks like the smart guess…

  5. Andy, (for some reason by reply says cancel reply) – I hope this does become a regular thing – that would be awesome!!!

  6. A bit out of this topic’s subject, but just a quick question.

    The next basho is almost upon us and there is not Bansuke post yet ?!? I’m assuming it must be out now since sometime. Right ?

    I want to see where everyone is at finaly and see how the Tachiai Crystal ball fared !
    (And of course, read the great Tachiai comment about it !)

      • Whaaaat ?!? There’s 8 Sekiwake/Komussubi !!!!!!! O.O

        I’ve never though so many was possible ! I’m flabbergasted.

        With that many San’yaku match/rikishi, will that mean they’ll ask higher ranked Gyoji to judge more match ? (More match for Konosuke, Yay \o/)
        Or they’ll haver to promote more gyoji to higher rank ?


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