Day 1 and 2 Torikumi Released; Abi Out of Aki

The first two days of bouts have been posted. Apparently, the matchups had to be redone due to a late withdrawal by Abi right after the first fight card was announced. Abi’s withdrawal is not COVID-related, but is rather due to ankle and shoulder injuries he’s been dealing with for some time. If Abi is not able to reenter, he’ll drop from Komusubi into mid-maegashira ranks.

I’ll highlight a few headline bouts here. Yokozuna Terunofuji will open the tournament against Komusubi Kiribayama, followed by M1e Tobizaru on Day 2. O1e Takakeisho has a tough matchup with Komusubi Ichinojo on shonichi before facing M1w Midorifuji (quite a contrast in sizes and styles). O1w Shodai gets Tobizaru first and Kiribayama second, while O2w Mitakeumi will seek the first two wins of the 8 he needs to hold rank against Midorifuji and Ichinojo.

Moving on to lower san’yaku, S1e Wakatakakage will attempt to restart his Ozeki run against M2e Kotonowaka and M2w Meisei. S1w Hoshoryu will start his Sekiwake career against M3e Tamawashi and Kotonowaka, while the third Sekiwake, Daieisho, opens with Meisei and Tamawashi.

After that, it’s on to maegashira pairings, with one Juryo visitor each day to make up for Abi’s absence. Plenty of intriguing matchups to look forward to!

5 thoughts on “Day 1 and 2 Torikumi Released; Abi Out of Aki

  1. Oh no!! That is a cruel blow for us Abi Fans. Is he definitely out for the whole tournament or could he make an appearance after a few days?

    I feel like Kotoshoho should make some serious waves ranked at M11. There are a lot of ageing rikishi all around him on the banzuke and it seems like this is an opportunity for him to show that he really is gonna be one of the top dogs of the next generation…

    • The only thing I read is that he’s had these injuries for a while and did Nagoya on painkillers 🤞🏻

      Kotoshoho started off 5-5 at M11 before withdrawing, will be interesting to see which way he trends.

  2. Well, we’re about to get back to business, yeah!!! You guys and gals have any thoughts on what we’ll see this basho?

    Will the Big Itch (Ichinojo) now be a serious threat going forward?
    Will Tobizaru make kachi-koshi at M1 East?
    Will Mitakeumi get his necessary 8 wins to save his Ozeki rank?
    Which version of No-Dai (Shodai) will we get, will he need “help” to get his 8 wins?
    Will one-trick pony Butterball (Takakeisho) have another solid double digit wins tournament?
    Will Horshoryu survive his first time as a Sekiwake?
    Is T-Rex (Terunofuji) done or does he have a few more yusho in him?
    Will Ryuden’s comeback be a success?
    Will Abi return later in the basho?
    Will some younger rikishi have his breakout tournament?
    Will the Bear (Takayasu) finally be back in form?
    Will any of the three Sekiwake start an Ozeki run?
    Will any of the three Ozeki start a Yokozuna run?

    • Great list of questions. I’d love to Ichinojo to be a serious threat, but will need to see one more strong basho to start believing. I see double-digit losses for Tobizaru. I think Mitakeumi gets his 8. And Ryuden should at least do well at M12.


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