Shodai and Takayasu Sanban

For a little bit, the video quality on the stream was pretty bad but it improved in time for Shodai’s appearance. I’ve got the highlights here. He took on Takayasu for about 28min. This video shows ALL of their fifteen bouts. Given some of the tweets I’ve seen, it’s interesting to watch the whole video; there’s not much chatter going on…aside from maybe Kiribayama.

Shodai wins a few bouts but really looked rather overpowered by Takaysu, throughout. Takayasu’s looking at a likely Komusubi rank in September, probably alongside Ichinojo, who also got in on some action after this sanban session ended.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the last bout, Takayasu gets Shodai’s arm locked up in a kotenage attempt. I can’t tell if it was the elbow or Shodai’s bicep that took the brunt of it, but Shodai shouted in pain and the sanban ended. Takayasu looked so sheepish and awkward afterwards. He went back to his side, as if to start again. But when he realizes Shodai’s done, he takes another step back, gives a little bow of his head and walks off. Then Kiribayama and Azumaryu get to it. We hope Shodai’s okay and gets a chance to come back and maybe face a Yokozuna or two.

3 thoughts on “Shodai and Takayasu Sanban

  1. Battered by Takayasu and bawled out by Kasugano, Shodai must wondering if attending joint practice was such a great idea. He said that he had only been sparring with makushita wrestlers in his stable which seemed a bit odd to me: is Yutakayama injured?

    so much interesting information on my favorite sport !!
    I am from Australia but before covid I would go to japan often.. I miss it so much!!
    regards Andreas from Cairns Australia

  3. Re Ichinojo’s Covid.19 diagnosis:
    My heart goes out to the big man; hopefully being double vaccinated will spare him any complications and guarantee a speedy recovery. I also hope that he does not feel riddled with guilt that he “brought” the virus to the joint training sessions.
    Fingers crossed for continuing negative tests for all his contacts and that we will see our rikishi bright eyed and bushy tailed at the September basho.
    Also very much looking forward to seeing the shin yokozuna.
    No, I am not going to joke on how Terunofuji’s ceremony at the Meiji shrine coincided with the opening of the Paralympics. Albeit both speak of the triumph of mind, spirit, and will, some call it heart, over the limits of the body. Wishing Terunofuji the strength, the energy, the willpower, and that he maintains that all important ‘”decency” the sumo powers that be expect of him.


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