Banzuke Sunday!

Its that magical time that sumo fans enjoy, the day that the new banzuke is released. The upcoming Aki basho is now just 2 weeks away, and we eagerly await a tournament with possibly 2 Yokozuna. There is plenty of curiosity around ranking, and who will end up where. So with just a few hours to go, Team Tachiai is waiting for the all important moment the ranking sheet goes live on the Sumo Kyokai’s web site.

Will the upcoming fall tournament be a triumph of domination by the two Yokozuna? Or will we see yet another “Wacky Aki”?

You can join us in the mad refresh fest, by visiting them here:

While you wait, check out lksumo’s ruminations on the Aki banzuke!

8 thoughts on “Banzuke Sunday!

  1. Hakuho Y1W
    Terunofuji Y1E
    Shodai O1E
    Takakeisho O1W
    Mitakeumi S1E
    Meisei S1W
    Asanoyama S2E
    Takayasu K1E
    Ichinojo K1W

    Hoshoryu M1E
    Takanosho M1W
    Hokutofuji M2E
    Kiribayama M2W
    Wakatakakage M3E
    Kotonowaka M3W
    Tamawashi M4E
    Daieisho M4W
    Chiyoshoma M5E
    Takarafuji M5W
    Ura M6E
    Onosho M6W
    Shimanoumi M7E
    Terutsuyoshi M7W
    Okinoumi M8E
    Tobizaru M8W
    Aoiyama M9E
    Hidenoumi M9W
    Chiyotairyu M10E
    Myogiryu M10W
    Endo M11E
    Kotoeko M11W
    Ishiura M12E
    Tochinoshin M12W
    Kagayaki M13E
    Tsurugisho M13W
    Kaisei M14E
    Yutakayama M14W
    Ichiyamamoto M15E
    Chiyonoo M15W
    Chiyomaru M16E
    Tokushoryu M16W
    Chiyonokuni M17E

    Three Sekiwake, and hard luck for Mitoryu. Kotoeko only falls 7 rungs with a 2-13 in July. Endo fell 10 with one less win. Should Tamawashi actually be higher up?

  2. The Juryo banzuke appears to be uneven, with a blank where J9w should be. What’s that about?


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