Joint Practice LIVE!!!

Thanks to Herouth for keeping us on top of things. Joint practice is live. I see Enho and Nishikigi in there early. I’ve not seen a Yokozuna yet but will keep my eyes peeled after dinner. Our “chanko” tonight is my homemade stuffed crust pizza and the kids are hungry. SHODAI IN THE HOUSE!!! The best news is, their internet bandwidth may have been upgraded. I am also skeptical of a Takakeisho appearance but we shall see…

It is also worth noting that Terunofuji’s Dohyo-iri will be streamed live.

2 thoughts on “Joint Practice LIVE!!!

  1. Shodai was Tamawashied in his last bout with Takayasu…hopefully that arm breaker kotenage didnt cause any important injury, although it seemed painful…


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