Juryo Promotions Announced

The Kyokai Promotion Party keeps going as the Sumo Kyokai released the list of wrestlers promoted to Juryo. There was some speculation that there may be as many as four but as it turns out, three wrestlers were promoted to Juryo, led by yusho winner Hokuseiho. Joining Hokuseiho as shin-Juryo will be Murata from Takasago beya. With the promotion, he’s changing to a “proper” shikona, Asashiyu. Churanoumi will be returning to Juryo after one tournament in Makushita. He had been sekitori since January of last year, climbing as high as Juryo 3 before injury and two poor showings dropped him out of the division. The banzuke for September is now known to the Kyokai insiders but we are left to guess who got lucky and who got the shaft.

2 thoughts on “Juryo Promotions Announced

  1. The only thing we really learned about the banzuke is that Daishoho gets to stay in Juryo.

  2. Hokuseiho has been amazing to follow as he begins his trip up the banzuke. I am looking forward to seeing what he does as a daily combatant, and it won’t surprise me if he’s in the upper Juryo by Osaka.


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