Yokozuna Terunofuji’s Promotion Video

Early Wednesday in Tokyo, Terunofuji and Isegahama oyakata (and the okamisan!) received the party from the Japan Sumo Association, brining the official announcement that Terunofuji had been promoted to Yokozuna. Terunofuji now becomes the 73rd Yokozuna, and the sumo world celebrates. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can see a video of it too!

As it was a live stream, the title card stays up for a while, then you have several minutes of Terunofuji standing around looking nervous. But the crew shows up, everyone gets into the zarei, and in a moment, it’s fish lifting time!

Congratulations to Yokozuna Terunofuji. I know of no parallel in the world of sports for what you achieved. May your reign at the top be long and happy.

5 thoughts on “Yokozuna Terunofuji’s Promotion Video

  1. The still photo of him having his height measured back when he first signed up is pretty awesome.

  2. Thanks for this! Great to see him lift the fish, especially without any trouble in his right arm/elbow. Not saying that means it’s 100%, but the injury concerns from his last bout look to be less serious than feared.

    • At 14:37, right after he puts the fish down he grimaces and flexes his right elbow. The assistants are collecting the fish at that moment, so only a partial picture.

      • I did see that now that you pointed out. Obviously not a good thing, but even if everything is fine I’d expect some need for recovery time after what Hakuho did to it. I’ll amend my comment to say while it doesn’t look like a catastrophic injury – as in it’s not like he dropped the fish or was severely trembling – his grimace could mean anything from lingering soreness to strained muscles/ligaments. A tear of some sort seems less likely but still possible. Not a doctor so I’ll stop there.

  3. Thanks Bruce for the video post! I used to wonder if Teru would ever become Yokozuna….well, that can now FINALLY be put to rest! Mongolia has been just AWESOME in producing such high-quality rikishi…and I hope the trend keeps going for as long as possible! Again, a BIG KUDOS to Terunofuji!


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