Nagoya Basho Podcast – Banzuke Discussion And Predictions

Josh, Andy and Bruce are back to discuss the Nagoya banzuke, and dig into the story lines of the July tournament. Can Hakuho return to dominance? Can Terunofuji take his second yusho and punch his ticket to become a Yokozuna? Can Endo spoil it all? It’s another 20 minutes of nonstop sumo fandom, plus our always regrettable predictions.

4 thoughts on “Nagoya Basho Podcast – Banzuke Discussion And Predictions

  1. Thank the Great Sumo Cat! I was worried there wouldn’t be any. I cannot even contemplate a basho without Regrettable Predictions and commentary.

    • With Takayasu’s kyujo, I feel I dodged a bullet train. I really wanted him to reclaim his Ozeki status in style.

      • I know. So disappointing, especially after just hearing about training going well. To be honest though, I wasn’t counting on any of it being true.But I wanted to believe it, based on his last performance. My husband I have been watching old bashos to stave off withdrawal, and watching what he used to do made me sad.


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