Nagoya Basho Video Podcasts

Direct from the magical land of YouTube, the video versions of our podcasts previewing the Nagoya basho. It’s going to be make or break for Yokozuna Hakuho, as Ozeki Terunofuji tries to get his 4th yusho since his return to the top division last year, and punch his ticket to become Yokozuna. For sumo fans, the stakes don’t get much higher than this.

It’s a pre-basho double header!

2 thoughts on “Nagoya Basho Video Podcasts

  1. Guys, I always enjoy your podcasts and insights but honestly, you three and the Hak need to get a room.

    That knee at 70% is gonna be a big problem and any opponent with half a game plan will employ a lot of lateral movement which will stress that knee further. If they’re all saps and just stand in front of him he’ll be fine but quick lateral movement will be his undoing this basho.

    I’m not suggesting he’s a push over but he’s not going to be the all conquering Mongol you’re forecasting.

  2. I love the video podcasts, very enjoyable. I agree with Andy. Personally I don’t think a one trick pony that is Takakeisho is Yokozuna material. A Yokozuna needs to be versatile. One thing about Hakuho especially and Kakyuryu is they can/could see and anticipate their opponents moves ahead of time. They then adjust and adapt ahead of them. This is what makes them Yokozuna. Takakeisho does not have this adaptability. And I am also with you Andy on Mitakeumi (my favorite).


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