Tachiai Haru (Video) Podcast

Rather than waiting for tomorrow, let’s go ahead and post to video version of Bruce and Josh discussing the upcoming Haru basho. Its 45 minutes of undiluted sumo fandom with Josh and Bruce covering COVID, Tokyo Olympics, Daieisho, Kaiju Ozeki runs, Yokozuna rampages and lord knows what else. Oh, the social media ban, and how it’s taken a slice out of the joy that is sumo.

2 thoughts on “Tachiai Haru (Video) Podcast

  1. An excellent, wide-ranging discussion. And the Terunofuji/Hakuho prediction is hard to disagree with. Right now, they seem to have the highest intrinsic levels of sumo, fitness and injuries not considered.

  2. I think if Terunofuji’s knees hold up (if, if, if, obviously that’s a big one), he’s actually the best bet to be the next Yokozuna.


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