Tachiai Haru 2021 Preview Podcast (Audio)

Josh and Bruce discuss the Haru basho, held this year in Tokyo. We take a look back at the spooky 2020 Haru held without fans, discuss the chances of another new Ozeki, and the possible return of the Yokozuna. Are we at the apex of the transitional era? With the Yokozuna follow the pattern of the last 6 years and dominate the March tournament? Will it be Terunofuji’s finest hour? We discuss all of this, plus our always regrettable predictions!

One thought on “Tachiai Haru 2021 Preview Podcast (Audio)

  1. Fantastic conversation! Sorry I missed it; I really missed out. “All work and no Jungyo makes Homer go crazy.” No jungyo, no SNS, less J-fan content on Twitter between basho…it’s so quiet and makes me more eager for a return to normal.

    As much as I’d love to see Hidenoumi lift the Cup, I gotta say…I hope Daieisho’s win lit a fire under 1) Endo and 2) Mitakeumi. Sometimes Endo gets in this “Ho-hum” funk and watching his stablemate get there first has to have an impact. And with Mitakeumi, he’s watching these promotions of “meh” Ozeki…has he been able to recover from his own injuries and re-energize at joint keiko?


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