Sumo Association Posts Oitekaze Heya Training Video

A lovely appetizer for the upcoming Haru basho, the Japan Sumo Association (NSK) posted an hour long video of a morning training session at Oitekaze stable. We get some great action with Daieisho, Tobizaru, and Tsurugisho. Sadly it looks like no Endo. Is it just me, or does it look like Tobizaru put on a bunch of weight?

6 thoughts on “Sumo Association Posts Oitekaze Heya Training Video

  1. i think it’s just you, or the video? From seeing the photos of the session i was lamenting him having lost weight.

  2. Tobizaru has weighed in at 134kg, that’s 3kg up. That’s a lot for a normal human but insignificant for a sumo wrestler.

  3. Hi,

    I had no one to ask, so posting it here.

    I remember John Gunning saying that sumo trainings are extremely hard, but every time I see practice session it looks like most of the guy are walking around and doing nothing. Are the trainings really that hard?

    And one more thing – I’ve never seen sumo wrestlers training techniques, like throws etc. Are they training it in they spare time?

    • What you are seeing is the tail end of training, the practice matches. There are a ton of things, most of which are quite strenuous, that happen before this takes place. The other thing of note, they are days away from the start of a basho, so the mix of body work vs practice matches may change.


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