Hatsu Dohyo Matsuri To Be Live Streamed Today

With the Hatsu Basho just a bit more than a day away, it’s time for the dohyo to be made ready for the tournament. In the ring consecration ceremony, or Dohyo Matsuri, a series of rituals take place to invite the divine sprits to bless the tournament, the participants and the venue. If you have not seen it before, it is a fascinating at the cultural and ceremonial aspects of sumo, and given the limitations on attendance placed on the tournament (and this ceremony), it is the only way that most of the world will be able to witness the proceedings. So tune in, at 8:00 PM Eastern US / 5:00 Pacific US time, and celebrate the start of the Hatsu Basho!

One thought on “Hatsu Dohyo Matsuri To Be Live Streamed Today

  1. I just have this sinking feeling the Sumo Gods and spirits ARE sending a message about the Basho, and it’s being Ignored.

    3 stables hit, 2 down, Including your mightiest Yokozuna ever… If ever I feel there was a warning.. this would be it.


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