Tachiai 2021 Hatsu Preview Podcast – Part 2

Andy, Josh and Bruce dive into the Hatsu genki report, and take a look at what is sure to be an explosive basho where 4 of the top 5 athletes in sumo MUST win 8 or more matches. We follow that with our Baku-Hatsubasho regrettable predictions, where Bruce sets a new record for regret: his prediction falls apart 5 days before the start of the tournament. Is this a sign of impending doom?

Pour a fine drink, relax and enjoy Team Tachiai’s preview of what may be a basho for the history books.

One thought on “Tachiai 2021 Hatsu Preview Podcast – Part 2

  1. Although Bruce did predict Hakuho, he spent more time talking about Terunofuji, so I think we should accept that as his prediction instead. Who knows, it might turn out not regrettable at all.


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