Hakuho Tests Positive for Covid-19

As announced by the NSK, Hakuho reported symptoms related to his sinuses and took a PCR test. With the positive result, and close contacts within his stable, the rest of Miyagino-beya will be PCR tested. This undoubtedly will mean Hakuho and possibly others from his stable will be kyujo from the tournament which starts this weekend. Shibatayama-oyakata has gone on record that there are currently no plans to cancel the event or to hold the tournament without spectators.

Tachiai wishes the Yokozuna a quick and full recovery and hopes that the infection does not spread further, though there seems to be a quicker pace of these announcements. According to the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 dashboard, the country is within its third, and worst, wave of infections. Japan’s Prime Minister Suga is considering an Emergency declaration and has stated that the country will not begin vaccinations until February. Internationally, the UK has announced a lockdown as a “UK variant,” which spreads easier than previous strains, has led to international travel restrictions as the new variant has popped up in other countries, including Japan. Japan closed its borders to all foreigners in response.

We will continue to report on the situation as it develops.

18 thoughts on “Hakuho Tests Positive for Covid-19

  1. What rotten news to wake up to. In a desperate attempt to see the glass and half-full I’d like to point out that a yokozuna is the probably the least likely person to have passed the virus on to his stablemates. It’s not as if Hakuho is living at the heya and sleeping in the dormitory with the other guys.

    • This is distressing news. He’s got to beat it. Speedy and strong recovery wishes to them all.

      • Not only training but they’ve likely been together prepping for his dohyo-iri and fitting him with his brand new tsuna. That usually involves a number of lower rankers in close proximity to him, guys who he may not usually spar with.

  2. Wowsah. This is not shaping up to be a banner year for sumo already. I do hope that the Big Boss recovers as quickly as possible, and that all (within his orbit) are as WELL as humanly can be. This pandemic is serious business and shouldn’t be taken lightly! It is extremely worrisome where I’m at…and I see that Japan isn’t messing around with the latest cover-19 surges. My lord…I’m praying that we can get this terrible situation under control THIS YEAR, and everyone can breathe a sign of relief.

  3. I’m very surprised that Hakuho only got tested once he reported symptoms. I would have thought that anyone associated with the upcoming basho would be tested daily, no? I have a very bad feeling about this. They cancelled last March when the situation in Japan was not nearly as bad as now. With luck, when this March comes around, everyone will be vaccinated.

    Interesting that Japan, with 1/3 the U.S. population, has 1% the number of deaths. It’s a great country, no doubt.

    • yeah, i would’ve thought that all the guys were being regularly, routinely tested. maybe not daily but often, maybe weekly.

      really worried about all this. i hope they all recover fully, and i hope no other stables are affected

  4. Oh crap. Wishing Hakuho a speedy and complete recovery, and his stable mates too! May his family be spared!


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