Arashio-beya Corona Cluster

We open the New Year with an expanding cluster of positive Covid tests at Arashio-beya. News of Wakatakakage falling ill hit yesterday, leading to testing of those around him, in his family, and at the stable. Those additional tests have come back with a total of eleven more positive tests. Arashio-oyakata and Wakatakakage’s Juryo-ranked brother, Wakamotoharu, are among the positive cases. Eight more wrestlers ranked makushita and below, as well as a hair dresser have also tested positive. Of the twelve, three are symptomatic with things like fever but are so far mild cases. Tachiai wishes all twelve full and quick recoveries.

10 thoughts on “Arashio-beya Corona Cluster

  1. “Eight more wrestlers ranked makushita and below”… so that’s ALL the wrestlers in the stable.

    The one that actually bothers me most is the mention of a hairdresser. According to the official website Arashio-beya does not have a dedicated tokoyama, so that would suggest that they would have borrowed one from another stable. If that is the case we could be in even bigger trouble.

  2. Oh no, just what we didn’t want ….. 2/3 Onami brothers, oyakata, ripples through the stable… not good! sending out prayers to the kami-samas for a full recovery throughout

  3. Hi, This is very sad to hear. I wish a speedy recovery back to good strong health for all of them and their families.

    The saturation near me (and this may not be exact) here in So California USA beginning with the Thanksgiving holiday at the end of November through the end of last week aprox 74% of all positive cases sourced back through family gatherings. I believe It was also reported that 12% of the IE region (the two large counties South East of greater Los Angeles/Orange) are now testing positive. That is 1 in 8 people testing positive in the IE. The regional hospital down the street pitched a massive tent structure in their back lot for emergency overflow triage. It was very eerie to see this structure just one street over and 10 houses down.

    I wonder how the 74% familial gatherings source point fares as a global percentage as well?



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