Gyoji Kimura Motoki positive for COVID-19

The NSK announces that on January 4th 2021, in the morning, the Makuuchi-ranked gyoji from Minato beya suffered from high fever and coughing, and took a PCR test, which came back positive.

Kimura Motoki, whose real name is Okamura Hiromichi, 53 years old, belongs to Minato beya. However, his contact tracing investigation showed that he has not been in contact with any of the heya members recently (older, married gyoji, tokoyama and yobidashi usually live outside the heya). However, the NSK, on its own initiative, will give everybody in the heya a PCR test, as an extra safety measure.

We wish Motoki-san a full and speedy recovery, and we will keep you posted if any updates come in.

6 thoughts on “Gyoji Kimura Motoki positive for COVID-19

    • I guess you’re thinking they were doing the Abi and got infected like that, and if so, I think it’s unfair. The Tatsunami guys are far away from downtown Tokyo. People get infected in other places – any combini will do. And those with family can be infected through their kids or in-laws or spouses.

      • I had no intention to imply anything like a hostess club. A train ride, or, as you said, a combini, spouses, etc. Just thinking of decreased density compared to downtown Tokyo plus some additional freedom provided by living outside the stable.

        • In any case, Minato oyakata lives at the heya, like most heya owners. His rooms are on the third floor.

  1. i hope he makes a fast full recovery. worrying given that he’s a wee bit older. hopefully no-one else has it


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